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1. Deposit: A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to hold the date and time of your birthday party. We cannot guarantee your booking without the deposit. We accept all major credit cards through PayPal. Personal checks will NOT be accepted. **Due to our growing popularity all Special Event contracts and deposits must be received with in 7 days of the date of the contract. If the contract or deposit is not received within 7 days, your date will be released. ** ALL COVID-19 RELATED CANCELLATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE BUT CAN BE POSTPONED.

2. Reservations: We prefer you reserve your date 3-6 weeks in advance. If your event is planned less than 2 weeks before the date, a $50 rush fee could be applied.

3. Final Count: For packages that require a head count; which is all packages except Meet and Greet packages, a final guest count will be required 2-3 days before the party. You will be responsible for that amount whether or not that amount attends. Example: If you RSVP for 15 guests and 12 attend, you will still be charged for 15. The final count helps us plan enough supplies to make your party a success! In the event a child who did not originally RSVP attends the party, you will be charged an additional $10/ guest who did not RSVP. If siblings are planning on participating in the activities, please include them in your final count. The birthday star is to be counted in the final count as well. These packages have a MAX of 15 children, no exceptions. 

4. Cancellations & Postponements: In the event that you need to postpone your party, you are allowed to postpone once within a 60 day period. If you have to cancel your party, you may do so, however; the 50% deposit is non-refundable.

5. Outdoor Parties/Events: PLEASE keep in mind that most of the characters are in costumes, wigs and/or make-up that can get very hot! If you are having an outdoor event/party, you must provide shade for the characters. This is for the health and safety of the performers. If the temperature outside is below 40 degrees or exceeds 78 degrees, the characters MUST be placed indoors. In addition, to protect our costumes, the outdoor space MUST be clean and free of mud, dirt, rocks, tall grass or any other elements that would deem the space unclean. Violation of this rule can result in immediate termination of the contract and forfeiture of all funds. This is VERY important. We can absolutely NOT conduct visits outside in the rain or snow.

**Some characters cannot be outside at all. Please contact Party People for more information.

6. Parents: Although the character will keep the children entertained for the duration of the party, the parent or guardian of the birthday child is required to stay at all times and remains responsible for the safety and well being of all children. The guest’s parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the party, however; we ask that the parents keep the noise level to a minimum so there are no distractions or interruptions.

7. Alcohol, Pet and Smoking Policy: Party People will not provide or permit alcohol. If alcohol is to be served, please wait until Party People is finished and has left. A sober, non-drinking parent or guardian must stay at all times and be responsible for the safety and well being of all children. Violation of this rule can result in immediate termination of the contract and forfeiture of all funds. We do not allow smoking around any of our costumes. For the safety of our costumes and performers, we ask that you please lock up any pets (big or small) for the duration of our visit.

8. Food Allergies: If you choose a package with the desserts and refreshments provided by Party People , it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to check with the guests' parents about any specific food allergies their child might have. If there is a child with severe food allergies, we suggest having the child’s parent supply an alternate food option. A parent or guardian of the birthday child must remain and be responsible for the safety and well being of the children at all times.

9. Costumes & Party Supplies: The party supplies that Party People bring to your home belong to and are owned by Party People. It is understood that all party supplies and decorations be retrieved and taken home by the Party People Host once the party is complete. Our costumes are very delicate, so we ask that all eating be done BEFORE or AFTER your Character Appearance.

10. Tips & Gratuities: Tips are greatly appreciated for a job well done! If you choose to tip, please hand cash to the party assistant upon their exit. Please do not hand money directly to the performer as they are to stay in character at all times.  

11. Mileage: A set fee of $25.00 will be charged for any travel 20 miles from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. For every mile traveled over 30 miles, the $25.00 flat fee and an additional $.50 per mile will be added to the final balance of the party. Please remember while calculating a travel fee, mileage will be counted coming to and going from the party. Party People has the right to refuse to travel to locations further than 50 miles from Cuyahoga Falls.

If you have more than one character, you will be charged $15.00 per additional character for any travel over 20 miles.

12. Arrival Time: Party People will do everything we can to arrive to your party on time, however, because we can never predict the weather, traffic and/or we might be coming from another party, please allow up to 15 minutes after the scheduled time for your character to arrive. If the time exceeds 15 minutes and the character still has not yet arrived, please feel free to call Ashley at (330) 414-9140 to check in.


* Party People is not responsible for any damage or accidents during your party. The party host will ensure to treat your home and guests with the up most respectable manner.

* Party People is not responsible for the health and safety of any children. A responsible parent or guardian must remain with the children at all times and shall be responsible for all health, safety and medical needs of any of the children in attendance.

*Our characters are look a like characters and are therefore not licensed or affiliated with any originating companies.

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