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Summer Camp, Daycare and Preschool Packages

 "Sleeping Beauty Pajama Party!"

Sleeping Beauty would come (in her pajamas) to read a story, play a game, dance and take pictures. The children are welcome to wear their pajamas too!

ONE HOUR- $125.00

"Princess Beauty's Story Time"

Join Princess Beauty as she interactively gives an overview of a few of her favorite fairy tales and then engages the children in an activity pertaining to that fairy tale! Get ready for a reading adventure!

ONE HOUR-$125.00

“Rock with the Doc!”

The Little Toy Doctor would come for an hour and do structured stretching with the kids to her songs. You could provide a healthy snack and drink, and then everyone can engage in story time, a stuffed animal check up and photos.

ONE HOUR- $125.00

"Snow Sister's Sing A Long!"

The Snow Sisters will come to sing their way through their favorite story and take photos! It'll be a COOL time!

ONE HOUR- $175 for both sisters

“Little Mermaid Luau Party!”

The Little Mermaid would come to sing, have story time, play games take pictures and more! Everything would be Luau themed.

ONE HOUR- $125.00

(add a box of 100 leis for $20.00)

“Tinkerbell Magic Show!”

- Tinkerbell would come for an hour to entertain the little ones and show off her Tinker-Magic Show, dance, Story time and photos. She will then sprinkle each of the kids with Pixie Dust!

ONE HOUR- $125.00

“Dracula’s Daughter Spooktacular Costume Party!”

Dracula’s Daughter is known for providing a FANGtastic time with every little boo and ghoul. She will read a story, play hair-raising games and do the mash…the MONSTER MASH!

ONE HOUR- $125.00

"Cinderella's Dance Class!"

Join Cinderella as she teaches your little ballerina's her favorite stretches, ballet moves, story time, dances and more! She'll even come in her ballet outfit!

ONE HOUR- $125.00

“Superhero Training!”

Superhero of your choice would come to do Superhero training with all of the children. He will teach them all of the basics to becoming a real superhero!

ONE HOUR- $125.00 for ONE Superhero.

Add another Superhero for just $50.00!

These packages are available Monday – Friday - 9:00am-4:00pm during the summer months

For bookings during the school months, please email us to check availability.
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