Party People LLC

 Bringing a SONG and a SMILE to Northeast Ohio!!

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wishes come true...

Thank you for your interest in Party People! I hope you find that this company will offer you the best deal for your child’s birthday party!

Party People is a fun party planning business that brings elaborate character parties to you for minimal cost and no work required! We are perfect for busy parents who want to have intricate and unique parties, but do not have the time to plan fun things to do!

Your character and party host will entertain from the beginning to the end! This is not just a birthday party, but a birthday experience!


We believe that there is a difference in somebody dressing up as a character versus someone actually taking on the role of the character. You will find that most of our performers come from very prestigious acting and Musical Theater backgrounds. At your party, prepare to be blown away by the amazing vocal performances from our princesses (no lip syncing here), the degree of acting from all of our characters and the special way that at each appearance, our performers connect and genuinely care for each and every child.  After spreading the magic in our community for over 5 years, we know what our customers are looking for! By choosing Party People, you are choosing the most magical, intricate, organized and most believable experience ever!  In the past, customers have referred to us as "the real deal"!

We happily serve Akron, Ohio and all neighboring cities!


With a love of party planning and entertaining combined, Party People guarantees a detail oriented, carefully planned and interactive birthday party for the special little one in your life! We like to think we offer a whole birthday experience rather than just a party! We want all parents to enjoy their child’s party so that they can create memories that will last forever! We have a passion for fun, exciting new adventures and would love to share our passion with you!